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Uncommon Journeys, LLC

"The journey is the reward."
Taoist Saying

When it comes to travel photography, so many wonderful options can make the decision overwhelming.  If you prefer a structured agenda, but enough time and flexibility for discovery; you like to explore without being rushed; and you seek cultural emersion without deprivation, Uncommon Journeys LLC might offer the best option for you.

Our photo tours are inspired by the things that made us all travelers in the first place: the wonders that remain wondrous, while the rest of the world charges at lightening speed through the twenty-first century. We venture off the beaten path, beyond the normal tourist fare, to the discovery of exotic lands, timeless civilizations and extraordinary people living in the remnants of time.

The journeys are customized to capture the very best of a destination and provide rewarding cultural insight, with an emphasis on photography. Each tour is accompanied by an experienced bilingual local guide, as well a professional photographic guide who possesses thorough knowledge about the destination. We also have a well-deserved reputation for meticulous execution by well-established local operators.

The company is based on the philosophy of owner Debbie Jefkin-Elnekave, a travel photographer and tour leader who specializes in remote and exotic cultures. Her interests include history, architecture and nature, but she finds the greatest rewards in discovering, visiting and photographing indigenous cultures. Debbie’s in-depth knowledge of the destinations, profound appreciation for the people, and desire to share those discoveries, ensure very rewarding journeys. Please visit the galleries at Uncommon Images Collection, for a look at images taken on previous tours. You can also read what previous participants have said about the tours by clicking here.

We hope you’ll join us soon on an Uncommon Journey to discover some amazing destinations of our wonderful world.

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