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Uncommon Journeys
What Previous Tour Participants Have to Say


"Debbie was brimming with energy so infectious, we were ready to follow her anywhere. She was an expert on and enthusiast for all things Bolivian."

'Focused on Bolivia' by Susan Thomson
St. Louis Post-Dispatch


"Your assistance helped me get some great shots that I would not have dreamed of. On all my trips, and there have been many, I have never had a guide who totally immersed herself in the culture and gave us a true awareness of its history."

Joyce Barnes
Century City, California
Thailand, Burma


“The India Tourist Bureau says, "India…where culture echoes, tradition speaks, beauty enthralls and diversity delights."  I think this is true for most any country, but Debbie's Orissa, India's Wonderful Secret is right on!  We saw no souvenir stores, no post cards, and very few tourists.  If you are interested in experiencing colorful people and culture in a remote area little affected by modern society, without undue discomfort, and with Debbie's attention to detail, this is the trip!  I may go again, something I seldom consider.”

Bill Wisecup

Fredericksurg, Maryland

Bolivia, Guatemala, Orissa


"Our experience with you in Guatemala continues to be one of our favorite recalls. The interaction with the locals was sensitive and revealing. We are immensely impressed with your skill at leading photo tours and helping participants to photographs they may not have done before."

David & Margaret Juenke
Lincoln City, Oregon


"Burma was the highlight of all my travels. You were instrumental in making it so. Your knowledge and love of the country are always evident. "

San Smith
Gualala, California
Thailand, Burma


"We now understand why Burma has become your spiritual home. Thanks for all your help. You are a special person and we really enjoyed the trip because of you."

Joe & Rona Gallen
San Diego, California
Thailand, Burma


"Many wonderful thoughts linger at the conclusion of this journey. The quiet spirituality and kindness of the Burmese people have captured my heart and made me their champion. I shall never forget them."

Frank Toner
Columbia, Maryland
Burma, Guatemala, Orissa


"You have made this trip so special with your obvious love for this country and its people. Your thoughtfulness and concern for everyone is evident in the planning, execution, flexibility and commitment that you bring to the tour. We especially appreciate the excerpts you read from the literature about Burma, your knowledge of the history and customs, as well as your encouragement in photography. Thanks for expanding our comfort zone."

Dick & Bert Wolf
Louisville, Kentucky
Burma (twice), Orissa, Viet Nam


"Traveling with Uncommon Journeys has given me the best photographic adventures I've ever had the pleasure to experience.  I want to highlight Debbie's professionalism, adeptness in arranging "on the ground" requirements (whether anticipated or not), equanimity, tact, and obvious love for the cultures and people of the countries we went to.  She is a superlative tour leader and photographer, and one of the best I've ever come across in my many travels around the world."

Tewfic El-Sawy
Bronxville, New York
Burma (twice), Guatemala, Bolivia, Ethiopia


"I'm getting ready for a photo exhibit in October in which I'm going to show images of children.  I have so many good ones from Orissa.  Every time I look at my Orissa pictures I feel so grateful to you for such a great shoot.  I could do a whole show on just the Orissa kids."

Sandy Kunz

Wickford, Rhode Island

Burma, Orissa



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